Immersion Phase: Intro

Hi friends,

It’s been a looooong time since the last update.  Sorry about that.  Things have been even busier than I anticipated them being after clerkships finished up.

The Vandy Med Class of 2016 has entered the “Immersion Phase”–a stage in our medical school career that, to me, is all about exploration.  This phase started in January after we finished our core clerkships and will continue until our graduation a year from now.  Each course that we take now is 1 month long.  We have 11 requirements to meet, including at least 3 months of research, 1 month each of primary care and emergency medicine, a “sub-internship” or “acting internship” (where you basically do the work of a first-year resident even though you’re still a med student), and various other types of courses.  We also take longitudinal classes with their own collection of required blocks such as quality improvement, communication, ethics, and problem-solving.  In addition, we have “flex months” that we can use for vacation, Step 2 studying, residency interviews, or more classes.  One great thing about this phase is that, with the exception of emergency medicine, there are NO MORE SHELF EXAMS!  Gone are the days of putting in a full day’s work at the hospital and then coming home to hit the books like a traditional student (or thinking about studying while not actually studying).  For anyone who’s in medical school now with a more traditional curriculum, think of this as an extended 4th year.

Aside from this and the next 2 posts, my Immersion Phase updates will likely come at the end of each 4-week block, provided that I can get and keep my act together.  Keep reading to follow along. 😉


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