Post-Medicine Rotation Update: Intro

Great news! I am unofficially a 4th year med student. I took my last shelf exam a few days ago and joined my classmates in celebration of the close of our time on 3rd year clerkships and the beginning of new chapters for all of us.

Internal medicine was a tough rotation to finish with. With its long hours, high expectations, and expansive breadth (and depth) of information, it was a tough rotation, period. I’ll be honest–I wasn’t quite looking forward to it when I started, but I enjoyed it a LOT more than I thought I would. 6 of the 8 weeks were spent on various inpatient services. While on inpatient, students were expected to perform the usual tasks–seeing patients before rounds, presenting to the attendings, and helping out wherever we could. In addition, we also saw new patients with our teams, wrote admission and progress notes, and sometimes put in orders for labs and medications with supervision. Our time on inpatient also involved attending “morning report,” at which interesting recent cases were presented and discussed among the housestaff, and several lunch lectures on numerous educational topics. The constant provision of free food was pretty good on my wallet (although I probably spent enough on chai lattes to balance things out), but my waistline took a bit of a hit for sure.

Anyway, I digress. During this rotation, I spent 2 weeks on a general medicine team at VUH, 2 weeks on a general team at the VA, 2 weeks on Oncology, and a portion of the last 2 weeks in clinic. Keep reading for more details.


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