Post-OBGYN Rotation Update: On Studying and the Shelf

Because it’s late I’ll keep this part of the update short.  I will say that the shelf exam was pretty hard for me; there is a heavy focus on screening guidelines which are difficult to keep up with sometimes.  And there are a number of diagnoses that sound similar but have subtle differences in presentation, which makes choosing the right answer difficult sometimes.  I survived though–had enough time to get through everything.

Here are the resources I used.  I’m (finally) learning that a heavier focus on questions is more helpful for grasping concepts than passively reading.

  • Casefiles: I like this series a bunch, but using it first before going through a more comprehensive reference was probably not the best idea
  • First Aid: I can get through FA more quickly than Blueprints (prose = snooze fest), but I’m not sure if one was more thorough than another for this rotation
  • UWorld: Hands down, necessary for every rotation.  Not more I can say here, because I’ve already said it in other posts
  • UWise: Through the school, we got free access to this expansive set of questions provided by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics.  Absolutely useful
  • I wanted to be super ambitious and finish Blueprints, Kaplan, and Pretest, but I didn’t get to any of these.  I used BP as a reference book sometimes when working on assignments for clinic, but that was about all I got to do.

Well, that’s about it!  Other updates: we had College Cup this weekend!  My College came in 2nd place this year, but we put in a ton of effort despite half of the med school having taken a shelf exam the morning that the Cup started.  This year, I competed in the Hula Hoop Relay, Spirit Showdown (dancing), Board Games (specifically Twister), and Trivia, in addition to doing vocals for the Chapman College’s opening song and screaming my head off for my College whenever I possibly could.  I’m exhausted beyond belief, but it was so worth it.  And now it’s back to real life…my last clerkship is internal medicine, which I start Monday.


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