Post-OBGYN Rotation Update: Intro

Hey everyone!

I’ve just finished up another shelf exam, so it’s time for another update! I’ve been on OBGYN + a 2-week elective for the past 8 weeks, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my time on this rotation. Students spent 2 weeks each in clinic, on an inpatient gynecologic surgery service (either gyn oncology or “benign gyn”), and labor and delivery (day and night shifts).  Each service was filled with opportunities to see diverse patient populations and learn about different aspects of OBGYN.  I don’t think I want to do this as a career, but I may have learned more here than on any other rotation due to how well it was organized and the volume of patients that we saw.

This was also the 2nd years’ first rotation!  Because 2 classes of med students were on the wards at the same time, there were a total of 42 students on OBGYN.  The teams were large to accommodate there being so many of us, but it worked well.  My 3rd year classmates and I did our best to gently welcome our younger counterparts to this exciting part of medical school.


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