Post-Neurology Rotation Update: Intro

Hey there, readers!

I took my Neurology shelf exam yesterday, which means it’s time for another update. This was a 4-week rotation in which I spent 2 weeks on the inpatient stroke service, 1 week on neurology consults, and 1 week in clinic. I was really worried about this rotation because I knew that neuro was one of my weakest points before starting clerkships. I’d heard that the rotation and the shelf exam were fairly intense, and I did not know what to expect. But it turned out great. The neuro clerkship director is an excellent teacher, and he walked us through various lectures on neuroanatomic pathways, observed us as we examined patients in groups and tried to localize the lesion that caused their stroke, and led sessions on how to do a Glasgow Coma exam or how to deliver bad news to a patient’s family. I came out of this rotation feeling like I had learned many things that will be useful to me regardless of what I go into.


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