Post-Surgery Rotation Update: Weeks 3-5

After my first 2 weeks on plastic surgery, I started on general surgery at the VA.  The service was a bit slower than some others that people were assigned to, which I didn’t mind–more time to study.  I did sort of mind having to navigate the VA’s EMR (and the accompanying paper charts) and having to subsist without wifi there, but I learned to manage, although I kind of felt like I was living in the 60s every time I came to work.

This service overall was a positive experience.  When my two classmates and I weren’t changing wound dressings on the floor, seeing patients in clinic, or hanging out in the call room, we saw a few colon resections, some gallbladder removals, and a ton of hernia repairs.  I started learning how to suture (according to a particular scrub nurse, I was pretty bad at it) and even got to drive the camera on some of the laparoscopic cases.

The second weekend that I was at the VA, Radial Grooves (the a cappella group) performed at Vandy Med’s Second Look Weekend for the prospective class of 2018.  I got to meet a few of the students before and after the performance; still don’t know if they’re coming yet, but they seem pretty cool, so I sure hope so!

Between the VA service and my last 3 weeks on surgery, I celebrated my 23rd birthday!  My parents and brother were in Nashville for part of the weekend, so I got to spend time with them as well as with my grandparents and aunts who live about 20 minutes away from me.  I also went to a pool party for Chapman College (Google “Vandy med advisory colleges” if you don’t remember me describing them last year) and ate wayyyy too much at the taco bar.  I had to stay up and work on a ton of assignments that night, but at least I got to see the light of day for a while.


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