Post-Surgery Rotation Update: Weeks 1-2

I spent my first 2 weeks in surgery rotation in a subspecialty.  I was placed in plastic surgery, and I honestly loved it.  I didn’t have much responsibility compared to the other services I was on, but I did get to help out with a number of cool operations.  For example, I saw a girl’s nasal septum repaired with cartilage from her rib, and I helped reconstruct the front of a guy’s skull after it was fractured in multiple places after an ATV accident.  In the latter case, there was a point when I was staring at the patient’s brain; the surgeons had removed part of the frontal bone of the skull, leaving his brain exposed, red and pulsing with blood vessels.  I’d seen a brain in a cadaver in the anatomy lab, but I never thought I would see one in its natural state…in a live human.  The brain actually looks quite a bit like its usual depiction in cartoons, unlike other organs.

The Saturday between my 2 weeks on subspecialty and my 3 weeks on my first general surgery rotation, the med school had Cadaver Ball.  This year, it was held in a different venue–Marathon Music Works in downtown Nashville, which is a lot different from Gaylord Opryland where it’s been held in the past–which worked out really well.  The catered food was amazing (I’m still dreaming about those sweet potato grits), and the entertainment was fabulous (a group of us danced onstage while both the 3rd and 4th year bands were playing…until we were escorted off, that is…).  Can’t wait to do that again next year.


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