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August Recap

Howdy, all!  Here’s what’s happened in the past month.

  • I am now able to perform a head-to-toe physical exam (give or take a couple of maneuvers).  Our midterm for Physical Diagnosis was last week.  According to our tutors, the entire class performed exceptionally.  Preparing for the midterm was intimidating at first, but I became more comfortable with the steps as time progressed.  This also gave me a chance to use my family members as patients–listening to hearts, checking their eyes, looking in their ears…
  • We are (at the time of this writing) in our last week of Disease, Diagnosis, and Therapeutics.  Our exam is next Thursday and Friday.  After that, we have Fall Break, and we will wrap up our preclinical time with Brain and Behavior before leaving in December to study for USMLE Step 1. *cringe*
  • Each year, as part of the Wellness initiative at VUSM, second years and first years are matched in a sort of big sib/little sib relationship.  Regrettably, my experiences with my big have been sparse over the past year; as a result, I decided that I would have a more active role in my little’s life.  It turns out that my little is a bestselling author–she’s written quite a few books since her teens!  I didn’t get to meet her at the initial Big/Little reveal, but we talked back and forth via Facebook and eventually had lunch together.  Long story short: I REALLY like her, and I’m not just saying that because she gave me a signed copy of one of her books…
  • A couple of weeks ago, I officially became a member of the church I’ve been going to since March!  I feel like I’ve grown so much there in the past few months, and I’ve become really fond of the people, the worship, and the teaching I’ve experienced there.  Next on my agenda is trying to figure out how to get on the reportedly huge worship team roster…
  • Radial Grooves (the school a cappella group) has been practicing weekly since last month.  Things have been going really well thus far.  The board has decided to put on mini-showcases around the medical center throughout the year; our first one is scheduled for 9/18, in the medical center courtyard or the student lounge.  We’re planning to sing 2 or 3 songs to whomever happens to be in the area.  I’m really excited for this, and I think the rest of the group is, too.
  • VMS Dance has been going well.  Classes for swing, hip hop, and a handful of ballroom and Latin dance styles have started or are slated to start in the coming weeks (and yes, I am actually going to teach hip hop).  On Friday afternoons this month, the board has been teaching dance to middle school kids at a local community center.  I taught a choreographed hip-hop piece a few weeks ago; this happened to be my first time teaching a dance class.  Last week, we recorded a “Harlem Shake” video with the kids, with the intention to show them the final product this coming Friday.
  • Speaking of dance, I was able to go to a couple of ballroom/swing dancing events in Centennial Park.  It’s been a great way to hang out with classmates, meet some new people, and learn some of the styles that my mom and I used to mimic in the kitchen during episodes of Dancing with the Stars.
  • And as usual, I’ve been keeping up with my hobbies.  My biggest current project: moving my lists of books and recipes to Pinterest to keep better track of them.

That’s about all… 🙂