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my first patient, the silent teacher

today, i held a brain in my hands.

i’m still struggling to find words that are expressive enough to describe the moment.

all i can say for now is that there is so much beauty inside the body.  all throughout today’s gross anatomy lab, i looked at the cadaver whose back we’d dissected and marveled at the beauty of the slick muscles and the spinal cord.  something in me hated helping my group with the scalpel, even though she wouldn’t be able to feel the cuts we made to her delicate nerves.

being a disciple of this silent teacher is remarkable.  astounding.  inconceivable.  

these words are too small to wrap around it.



I wrote the post at the following link 2 years ago today:

That awesome moment when you realize you’re exactly where you need to be

I’m so glad I came to Vanderbilt.  I’m so glad that God made my choice relatively easy.

I was worried about turning down a full scholarship from UConn.  But I think being down here on federal loans with family and familiar spaces nearby is a lot better than being loanless in a new, strange city.

I’m nothing but grateful that i’m here, with these people.  I know, this post isn’t really profound or insightful or anything, but i just felt the need to confess my love for Vanderbilt Medical School and the class of 2016.