nice to meet you/good to see you

i’m definitely not a stranger to the world of blogging.  i think this is something like my 4th or 5th fresh start.  i have a plethora of friends who started new blogs to keep people updated on their lives after graduation from college, and after some deliberation on whether to add a new page to my old blog or start a new one for that purpose, i chose to follow suit.  and here we are.

i’m not really sure what i want this blog to look like yet.  the obvious answer is to write about med school–from white coat to black gown and back, one might say–but i think so many of my experiences will inform that aspect of my life (as monumental as it is) so it’s not that simple.  i guess we’ll just have to see.

so if you’ve stumbled upon this blog or clicked on a link i posted, thanks.  if you’ve never read my rambling stream of consciousness blog entries on other sites, welcome.  if you have, welcome back.  we’ll make sense of the journey ahead together, i hope.



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