Monthly Archives: June 2012

the beginning

I just came back from apartment-hunting in Nashville.  I really enjoyed seeing the sights of the city, from Japanese restaurants to random shops and theaters.  I smiled as we passed the various buildings belonging to the Vanderbilt schools, thinking that I could see myself walking to class from one location or another.

In some ways I’m scared of embarking on this journey.  In most ways I’m too excited for words.


nice to meet you/good to see you

i’m definitely not a stranger to the world of blogging.  i think this is something like my 4th or 5th fresh start.  i have a plethora of friends who started new blogs to keep people updated on their lives after graduation from college, and after some deliberation on whether to add a new page to my old blog or start a new one for that purpose, i chose to follow suit.  and here we are.

i’m not really sure what i want this blog to look like yet.  the obvious answer is to write about med school–from white coat to black gown and back, one might say–but i think so many of my experiences will inform that aspect of my life (as monumental as it is) so it’s not that simple.  i guess we’ll just have to see.

so if you’ve stumbled upon this blog or clicked on a link i posted, thanks.  if you’ve never read my rambling stream of consciousness blog entries on other sites, welcome.  if you have, welcome back.  we’ll make sense of the journey ahead together, i hope.